If you haven’t already, mark of your calendars and register (free) for Internet Discovery Day, 23 May, happening at Media Evolution City. We have written about this not-to-be-missed event before and here is some extra insight from a chat this week with ‘the Godfather’ of IDD Johan Jörgensen.

IDD in Malmö?

‘IDD has been held in Stockholm before, with great success matching entrepreneurs and investors. The idea is to have similar results in Malmö.

Businesses and investors need to meet on a regular basis, I’d like to see this type of meeting on a more regular basis. You see, it’s about building the right networks, it’s really important, business is social business. You need to increase networks to increase success.’

There are lots of great businesses and activity happening in the scene in South Sweden. There are investors as well looking for the right companies, networking is the key.’

And IDD is the place!

‘We’re of course hoping for a smashing turnout, a lot of companies have registered already. There are no fussy things like keynote speakers, it’s just people getting together. And most of all it is fun!’

Who should be there?

‘Of course we expect entrepreneurs and investors, the usual mix with pitches and investing, but also it’s about meeting new friends, finding old friends. For any business, you don’t only need customers, you need connections (and friends).

It’s a non-committing event, so easy to attend. There are no fees, or fuss with complicated registrations or setting up a booth like at a regular trade show. In fact, there is no business model attached to the event

It’s organised by people who want to see it happen. Those who can and will, contribute their time and energy, for the benefit of everyone.

IDD show’s that the network can run itself, although we cannot forget that it couldn’t be done without support from main sponsors .SE the team working really hard on all the details, Erik Starck, Stefan Mossberg, Michael Tiberg and everyone involved.’

The future of IDD?

‘It’s the first time outside Stockholm, and the first time I’m not involved personally. I look forward to seeing what happens – if it turns out well then, it’d be great to see IDD in Stockholm in fall, Malmo in spring every year. And then export the idea overseas as well.’

Johan will be there in his role in Funded By Me, and this will be his chance to sit back a bit this time, scan the scene, and simply enjoy being there. And then party afterwards in Malmö!

See you there.