This is part of Foo Cafés recurring blogposts on this site.

We’re back and filled with energy after our relaxing break.

Our smooth start to this new year is on Monday January 12 with our first event. We’ve also  strengthened our team with a new co-worker, Björn Granvik.

FuckUp Nights is a newly formed meet-up that takes place once a month. It’s a concept from Mexico where we learn from each other’s mistakes. In this first meet-up on January 22nd we will have at least 4 presenters.

If you would like to become a better tech-speaker we have a few seats left on our Tech-talker course. This is a fast phased course in six sessions once every Tuesday evening from January 13.

We have a highly interesting event on Thursday, January 15. It’s about “UX – Don’t make them think” – How to develop websites in a way that visitors can learn and take their own decisions from content.

If you are interested in Kotlin, a statically typed language that can be compiled into JVM  and JavaScript, come along and check it out on January 21.

Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group has a meet-up on January 22 where you can again practice TDD.

We will begin our new year with an event for anyone who runs a UserGroup or for people who would like start one. So far we have started more than 25 new groups meeting on a regular basis. So if you run a user group or would like to start one, come to our Community Builder´s Event.

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See you soon!

Carina, Björn, Håkan, Jacob, Ebba and Michael