That gaming is strong in this region is nothing new. Lately, the mix of gaming experience and hardware have started to emerge – and currently there are two very interesting kickstarters from this region up and running.

The mouse that knows your biology

One of them is Moinix Labs, which runs a kickstarter for it’s NOAS QG. The idea is simply – combining the top of the line gaming mouse with bio-sensors, in order to let you know how your body reacts while playing games.
This is taking the quanitified self to the field of gaming – and a piece of hardware that takes profesional gaming to a new level.

The Moinix Labs team consists of a lot of experience – serial entrepreneur Carl Sibersky as well as veterans such as Dan Gärdenfors and Peter Nygren.

The Kickstarter has raised $ 90 000 already, but is still short of it’s $ 100 000 goal. With a couple of days left, you should definitely support it if gaming is anything you are interested in!

TreadGaming – Exercise while Playing Games

The second Kickstarter from the region is also a gaming controller, but this one makes it possible to easily convert a walking treadmill to an input controller using a custom treadmill mat. This is made by adding a small device to the treadmill, which is easily callibrated. It’s plug’n’play, and is usable with all major gaming plattforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux and consoles. The combination of physical movement and gaming is supposedly taking games to completely new levels – as well as being a lot healthier then sitting in a chair or couch.

The demo video shows multiple gameplay scenes, and what the controller can really do. It also goes into how easy it is to set up.

The device is created by Daniel Åkesson, who has worked on the prototype a long time before releasing it on Kickstarter. The campaign is halfway thru, and almost all of the 22 000 SEK goal have been raised. Become a backer.

Both devices have been selected as Kickstarter Staff Picks.