This week in Copenhagen, you are invited to the techiest of tech-meetups: a self-proclaimed “coffee circle for meetup organizers,” Let’s Get Together.

Do you run a regular meetup, whether startup related or hard-core technology? If so, you are welcome to join the gang on January 8th, 4pm at Din Nye Ven for a debut meeting of the coffee circle for tech-meetup organizers.

Your hosts will be: Sebastian Schwemer, Michael Reibel Boesen, Kenneth Auchenberg and Lærke Ullerup. These four are also the creators of this brand new event, which came out of a discussion about how cool it would be to connect with the “other” tech meetup organizers in Copenhagen, get to know each other and exchange thoughts and experiences. And really; what better way is there to connect, share and learn from your fellow tech-enthusiasts/organizers than coming together over a hot cup of joe?

RSVP by sending an email to Lærke or by signing up for the #cphftw meetup organizers here.