The word is out – the Malmö meeting space for conference style engagement every day of the week, is going to appear in Stockholm too. Foo Café is an independent, open environment run on crowd-sourced energy, as like minded people gather in a central place. The permanent location provides the essentials of quality coffee, whiteboards, technical equipment, conference rooms, open spaces, seating, beer and a host of scheduled events and activities.

And a similar principle will be applied in Stockholm. Details are sill unfolding, and Foo Café founder Michael Tiberg says he is getting in touch with companies and organisations in Stockholm to get a better understanding of how things work. The newest venue will bring the total number of Foo Cafés to 3, along with Foo Café Barbados, and Foo Café Malmö. On getting started in Sweden’s capital,

“the approach is very much lean, simple… first step is to decide that I will start in Stockholm (which I have done)… next step is to figure out HOW….” says Foo Café founder Michael Tiberg

Foo Café is designed to nurture user groups, and helps takes care of coordination, location, administration, sponsorship, marketing and networking. It’ll be interesting to watch what sort of networks unfold, build and grow in the Stockholm region. We hope that the concept will help the ecosystem around Swedish startups get better, just as it has done in this region.

“Foo Café is tailored for knowledge workers in the IT industry and is a haven for creative people, nerds, programmers, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, managers, and more. It is for souls who want to share, create and learn.” Read more about Foo Café