This is a post from the crazy event space FooCafe, and all things they do within tech.

Below you’ll find what we have coming up the next few weeks. Remember that we constantly add more and more events so keep an eye on our webpage.

Tuesday, April 10
Our partner 24HR are doing an after work seminar called What is Headless CMS and why should you care? You will learn how a basic headless, or Decoupled CMS, set-up should work and why it will be worth your time.

Tuesday, April 10
“Öppet spår” med Geek Girl Mini. För tjejer i åldrarna 12-14 år. För tjejer i åldrarna 9-11 år, finns samma dag “Programmera berättelser med Scratch“.

Tuesday, April 10
Critical Tech are following up their AI talk in January with a workshop on how to create adversarial examples. Sign up for this event called How to turn yourself into a teapot.

Monday, April 16
Working with participatory leadership is the title for Teal for Teal’s presentation this evening.

Tuesday, April 17
Our partner Advenica are having an after work seminar called Top Secret Cyber Security. If you’re interested in defence systems to protect from cyber threats and criminality, this is a day to mark in the calendar.

Wednesday, April 18
How did I get into AWS, And why should you? is the first of three after work seminar entirely on AWS. Marc Pegoraro will give you a  good understanding why your organization should move to the Cloud and what the challenges ahead are.

Thursday, April 19
Our partner Capish are having an after work seminar this evening. The topic is the use of ontologies and linked data principles for publishing the results of environmental research as open data. Sign up for Ontologies helping to keep global warming in check.

Saturday, April 21
The Skåne Azure User Group is hosting one of the coolest, most exciting and biggest events this year: The Global Azure Bootcamp. Sign up for this four hour, day time event as soon as possible!

Tuesday, April 24
Please welcome the Malmö C++ user group. Did you get that? C++, Messages and Uplay is the title on their first event at Foo Café.

Wednesday, May 2
OWASP Top 10 is a project aiming at finding the most prevalent web application vulnerabilities. In this talk by our partner SecureLink, different vulnerabilities are explained and what can be done to prevent an attacker from exploiting them.

See you at Foo Café!

/Johan, Ester, Patric, Baraa & Michael