A number of interesting events in the region this September cast a hint – it’s time to get back into work mode but let’s have fun anyways. Geek Girl magazine’s summer party hosted by Zendesk is in line with this thinking. The event will take place on September 22nd and will include a discussion panel debating how to get more women in tech followed by networking mingle. Among the panelists are Elizabeth Rankich CEO of Goaly, Eva Fog, the founder of Digipippi, Tiffany Maleshefski Apczynski, director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Affairs, Anette Nørgaard from Microsoft, and Henriette Weber of Geek Girl Magazine, moderated by Julie Rosendal of Dell.

The happening is the first in the series and according to Henriette Weber there will be more events coming in the next couple of months with focus on Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.

“Events is something we know we’re good at, something we have a different approach to, and something that gives us some financing. The ambition is to make an event a month, publish 2 articles a week and keep being one of the leading voices around women in tech,” shares Henriette.

In the future, once the business model has proven itself, the goal is to grow and expand Geek Girl magazine as the team has a number of interesting concepts that they would love to share.

Current Geek Girl magazine team consists of Henriette Weber, all the dedicated and hardworking contributing writers and volunteers who lift the events. A new addition to the team is Elizabeth Rankich, ceo of Goaly, Ex-unity technologies + kontrapunkt, who is now a new board member as well as a part of the leadership of Geek Girl Magazine.

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When: 17:30, September 22nd, 2015
Where: Zendesk ApS – 12 Snaregade København K, Capital Region of Denmark 1205 DK