Geek Girl Meetup 2013 is a ladies-only event for networking and sharing knowledge about digital trends, entrepreneurship and business development and it will take place this Saturday at Copenhagen IBM! The theme of this year’s meeting is “Mad Skills”. Women attending the conference will focus on digitality and idea generation related to this field. The day will be organized in an un-conference format with tech and tendencies and build a business tracks as well as workshops.

The event like this intends to support and inspire women to work on their own projects. There are plenty of women who are dealing with technology but, of course, there could be more.

“Women network and act differently if there are no men present. Among other things, it is not often that knitting appears on the front line if boys also participate. Women also don’t ask as many questions as they could with men present. This an opportunity to gather together and bring up topics of our interest and discuss them. So yes, it is forbidden for boys,” says Henriette Weber, entrepreneur behind the event, for TrendsOnline.

Geek Girl Meetup is also perfect for those who lack talent in tech start-up because it provides an excellent opportunity to get in contact with some talented girls. So far the network has 724 members and is open for women in tech startup field.

Ticket price is 250 DKK, register here.

Where: IBM , Prøvensvej 1, 2605 Brøndby
When: Saturday, October 5th, 10.00