Malmö-based startup Coherence is a cloud-based tool platform for game developers. The platform was founded in 2019 by Dino Patti, Peter Björklund and Tadej Gregorcic.

The focus is on supporting game creators who develop online casino games and virtual worlds with multi-player features, regardless of the size of the studio.

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“We want to give game developers better tools for creating network-based experiences with fewer resources. Lowering the entry barrier will have a beneficial effect on the entire gaming industry and enable more innovation and creativity,” says CEO and co-founder Dino Patti do DIgital.

The startup has recently raised over 2.3 million EUR in their first round from different investors, including tech fund Firstminute Capital, and heavy industry names such as Finnish Sisu Game Ventures and gaming profile and investor Paul Heydon. Such names are responsible in developing educational yet still fun games like that business simulation game.

Currently the team has consists of seven people with background from other game developing companies Dice, Unity and Playdead. The newly acquired money will mainly be used to expand the workforce.

“We want to expand our team in Malmö, focusing on the technical part. In addition, we are exploring the possibilities of building a strategic satellite office in other major game developer cities,” Dino Patti continues.

Coherence’s headquarters are located in the Game Habitat Devhub office complex in Malmö, which is specifically designed for game developers and game publishers.

“Malmö is a hub when it comes to game development. The Skåne region is home to more than 50 gaming studios, with around 1,000 employees,” says Dino Patti. We invite you to join and play their games.

Coherence is planning to launch its platform in 2020, but no exact date has been set yet.

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