At the Growing Games event Allan Rasmussen from CAT game invest held a presentation about how they work and look at funding for gaming businesses. We where there and livecasted it thru Bambuser. The quality is not the best and the sound is somewhat low. We never the less found his presentation worth highlighting, as it contains a lot of information for any startup in the gaming business, where funding can be hard to find.

Interesting highlight:

  • How CAT has gone from investing for equity to investing as loans instead, and why they have chosen that. (at 7:45 in the video above)
  • Where they see themselves in the funding process for game startups (at 16:30)

Also interesting to hear which gaming startups that have gotten investment and how they look at successes and how not to inhibit future growth of successess.

Also mentioned gets the Betadwarf Forced release and their funding troubles, which went viral a couple of weeks ago.

Investments by CAT are limited to startups that have some kind of connection to Denmark. Allan however spoke with us afterwards and said that if any Swedish gaming startups from the Øresund region are interested they should still talk to them, and they might be able to help them further.

Note: If you want to look at some of the pitches from the Growing Games event then we livecasted some of them as well. They can be found further down on the Bambuser Channel.