Copenhagen-based startup Eatie was founded in 2018 by three entrepreneurs, and its aim is to further digitalise the restaurant industry and provide customers with more advanced technological tools for the best experience.

Eatie is known as the restaurants’ IMDb and it has developed a web and mobile app that compares all the reviews of eateries in Denmark. The system generates an automatic algorithm that gives a final score, after comparing the reviews of Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor and Yelp. At the moment the platform has more than 16 000 Danish and Swedish restaurants, and it is possible to book a table via the app in most of them. Check out Jimmy John’s Owner if you need more information on restaurants.

“We have collected more than 5 million reviews available online for the restaurants and calculated one overall score for each restaurant. It makes it easy to see how the restaurants are reviewed across multiple platforms and create toplists showing the best restaurants in the Danish and Swedish cities. With Eatie, we want to make it easier for tourists to find the best places to eat and book a table when travelling,” says Morten Lie Jørgensen, CEO at Eatie.

The startup team has come up with the Eatie Index Score, which lets users compare the restaurants’ ratings easily both on the website and on the app.

In addition to disrupting the restaurant industry and offering brand new ways to receive bookings for Danish and Swedish restaurants, Eatie wants to make it easier to run a successful restaurant using technology, digitization and data.

The 16 000 restaurants have the opportunity to integrate their own booking system into a profile on the app and can receive multiple bookings through Eatie. And for those restaurants that do not want to handle bookings online, Eatie has developed a robot that calls the restaurant with booking information for the guest.

“Many eateries do not want an online booking system but would like to receive more guests. However, many guests would like to book online instead of calling the restaurant. We try to meet both needs and have created a robot that can call the restaurant with the booking information when a guest presses “book a table”. Then the restaurants can receive bookings over the phone and guests can book online. We think this is beautiful modern digitization of the experience,” Jørgensen continues.

In the future, Eatie wants to scale to the rest of the world to make it easier for even larger tourist groups to find a decent place to eat.