Resume news reports public transport users in Karlstad will be seeing more of the TV4 news, sport and weather broadcast, and local traffic information, from 1 July, thanks to GEOsignage TV installations on 59 new buses.

GeoSignage, the Ideon based Content Management System company, has provided the opportunity for the cooperation between Karlstadsbuss and the TV4-Group to bring TV4 advertising and entertainment onto buses for the first time. TV-4 Group broadcasts across Sweden and in airports, trains and waiting rooms.

“We are proud to have Karlstadsbuss and TV4 as partners. Together we are creating Sweden’s most modern infotainment system, which will become a model both nationally and internationally” – Johan Posse CEO of Geosignage says.

The GeoSignage systems tailor transmission depending on the location of each bus. This means Karlstad bus passengers will see images of historical places as they pass, or what can be found near bus stops. Real-time information updates and entertainment onboard will add value to taking a bus trip.

“We have been looking for this for a long time, but it was not until Geosignage came to us that we found a solution we actually wanted to use” – Sören Bergerland the head of Karlstadsbuss,

Geosignage news confirms long-term cooperation with Karlstadsbuss, the public transport authority that claims the highest satisfaction among the public, as well as having contact with other potential partners and customers in Sweden and abroad. Their goal is to help bring information and entertainment to passengers, as displays become a standard feature on public transport.