This is StartupBus:

In 2010, 25 entreprenuers got together on a bus in San Fransisco, headed to Austin, Texas for the annual SxSW Conference. What was unusual about this bus trip was that the passengers set out to create a startup together during the three day bus ride. What was first a fun thing amongst friends has now escalated into an international event. Last year there were 156 Busprenuers greating 38 new products in the US and for the first time, 20 Busprenuers in Europe did the same thing while going to LeWeb in Paris.

This year it is once again expanding and now we have the chance to go. Five buses will start from France, Germany, London, the rest of the UK and Spain. But one additional bus will start in the country were the buzz is greatest. By going to their website you can help bring the StartupBus to Denmark by showing that you care through their links to Facebook and Twitter.

Application to ride on the bus is through a personal selection process on their website. The winners of the competition amongst the European StartupBuses will get to pitch their startup amongst the finalists at LeWeb Startup Competion 2012.