End of august seems to be maker-heaven: to large maker events are happening in the region.

One is the Orange Makers Made Festival, that is held in Roskilde. Orange Makers is a makerspace that is part of Orange Innovation, which could be called ‘R&D department’ of the famous Roskilde Festival.

The other one is Framtidsrummet, a maker weekend organised by the CreativeLab makerspace in Helsingborg.

Both events will have a large amount of different projects and innovations on display, as well as plenty of workshops and do it yourself instances. There are some differences however: Made is a more traditional maker conference, while Framtidsrummet is a free-to-attend event aimed at the general public. It is expected to draw up to 10 000 guests.

What is the maker movement?

The maker movement is a part of the Do It Yourself (DIY) culture, where people create and do stuff for the fun of creating. Often the Maker movement is understood as 3D printers, Lasercuters, Raspberry Pi’s and building advanced tech stuff. However, creative expression and art are important part as well. Wearable, both tech as well as clothing, as well as using all kind of material from wood to metal to plastic is all part of the maker movement.

Made – one week of making

Made is a whole week, from the 25-30 august. During the first couple of days there will be a series of camps and workshops. Workshops are on subjects such as 3D printing, DIY furniture or DIY music.
Friday and Saturday will be the full size event, with a large program and over 40 different instances. Everything from shorter workshops in over 10 different areas, to Talks and keynotes on stage, Movie screening as well as Concerts. Something for everybody, no matter what interest!
More info: You can download the full program here.
Tickets and location: The event will be held Musicon. Ticket can be bought here.

Framtidsrummet – showing of the future

In contrast to most maker events, Framtidsrummet is an event aimed at only the general public instead of other makers. Held the 29-31 august, it is part of the larger Hx music and culture event. Being part of a large public event – Hx is expected to draw 50 – 80 000 people depending on the weather – Framtidsrummet is at a central location at the event, aiming to give participators a chance to show case their projects. Over 25 teams will be present, ranging from DIY re-cycled material to special-build arcades, 3D printing and Raspberry Jam.
The name from the event, Framtidsrummet, comes from showcasing new technology and thoughts, that for a general public might very well be regarding as being things from the future.
Location and further info: The event is free to attend, and will be held in a special indoor venue at Södergatan. More info can be found here.

Even more art & tech in the future

There is even more in the art and tech scene brewing then just these two larger events. In august the first art&tech meeting between different key people in the region was held as well, in an attempt to create a stronger collaboration between all the different initiatives that exists here. The aim is to bring the creative and tech scene closer together, and also spread knowledge and competences between them. And maybe, so that next year, the Made festival and Framtidsrummet are not held on the same week…

Transperancy: I am personally involved in the CreativeLab Makerspace community