Helsingborg founded HonestBox, specializing in unmanned store technology, utilizes BankID for customer identification to extend store hours post-staff departure. Their solution, implemented since 2015 as one of the first pioneers in the world, helps physical stores compete with e-commerce by allowing shopping outside regular hours. BankID’s integration ensures customer safety and theft prevention, making it possible for stores to operate without staff.

As HonestBox expands international, this solution offers convenient shopping for Swedes abroad using their BankID as well, in all seven countries HonestBox has business in.

Instead of creating its own login method, HonestBox has used BankID as an identification service, which is an advantage for both the stores and the customers. Since the majority of Swedish people have BankID, it has been smooth for both users and store owners to get started with the service. It is an advantage when we together with our customers introduce the service to the market.

“HonestBox solution has increased sales up to 30% in our stores and created a better future for the stores”

says Christoffer Granberg

There are multiple challenges that physical retail stores face in balancing accessibility and profitability, particularly regarding extended operating hours. Staffing costs have traditionally made extended hours unprofitable. However, with the introduction of HonestBox and BankID, stores can now remain open for longer without incurring high personnel expenses.