Strainlabs, a Swedish innovation company, is breaking new ground in the field of predictive maintenance by combining modern IoT and digitalization with traditional mechanical design. They have developed innovative mechanical bolts that serve as natural points for digitizing mechanical systems, offering significant financial gains and improved safety.

In a recent partnership with Vossloh, a market leader in the railway industry, Strainlabs is contributing to the development of “Vossloh connect,” a cloud-based solution that simplifies the implementation of new technology and provides clients with a holistic view of their infrastructure. This collaboration showcases the importance of industry leaders working with agile startups to achieve industrial-level digitalization.

“It is well-established that startups drive the commercialization of new technologies and innovations. The partnership between Strainlabs and Vossloh is a perfect example of smart collaboration between industry leaders and agile startups, new collaborations are pivotal to achieving industrial-level digitalization!”

says Csaba Madru, CEO Strainlabs