Vivino, an app that offers price comparison, ratings and reviews for any wine, has started a collaboration with 5 Netto stores in Denmark, reports Version2. The goal of the initiative is to simplify wine choosing process for consumers right on spot in the supermarket, where decisions need to be taken quickly.

Every wine is equipped with rating based on Vivino’s users’ reviews. And on top of that each store has an iPad with Vivino app where consumers can read additional information about individual wine. Co-operation is so far tried by five Netto stores in Denmark. But in case of success, the plan is to spread the concept to all Netto stores in Europe.

“Many customers find it difficult to buy wine in the sotre. With this partnership, we give them access to other consumers’ reviews of our wine selection. Our experience shows that it is exactly this kind of information that is demanded by the customers more and more nowadays,” says marketing manager in Netto, Martin Hasgard Olesen, to the Food Watch.

So far, the service is free for both Netto and Vivino. In the long term, the hope is to offer the service to other, especially foreign, supermarkets possibly for a service fee.

“Right now we are working towards promotion of the service but in the future this might become a businenss segment. We have many supermarkets in France, Britain and the United States who have already approached us, and if the concept works in Denmark, they could have a similar setup for one or another form of payment,” says Heini Zachariassen to Food Watch, founder and CEO at Vivino.