A new concept for a store without any personnel is about to be tested in Sweden. The concept is called Näraffär, and it is located in Viken. The idea is similar to the unmanned gym. The premises of the new store will be open all year long and will be accessible through mobile ID app. To buy things, customers will scan goods of their choice through an app and then be invoiced later on.

The person behind the idea is Robert Ilijason, who specializes in tech. But the idea is inspired not so much by the professional field but rather by personal experience.

“I lost it last baby food jar. And then there was panic. I myself live in the bay and had to go to Helsingborg to buy new food. Then I got the idea that there should be a store here and started thinking about how to solve this purely technical,” shared Robert in HD interview.

Those who are interested in using the services of a new store will have to become its members. The only requirement for joining is to provide a credit report, which takes a few minutes to complete. Initially the range of products will not be wide, but the customers will have the power to influence product variety. The app will provide a support service where users will write what they would like to see in the store.

If everything goes according to plan, the concept will be spread to more places.

“My ambition is to spread this idea to other small towns. For example, I would like to start a shop in Mölle right away. On a large scale, this can be a start for a store 2.0,” said Robert.