The Ideon Innovation Business Incubator, one of the incubators of the Ideon Science Park, held on friday it’s ceremony for the 14 startups that exited the program in 2012. The incubator specializes in early stage startups with connections to the Technical University of Lund, and the main areas of ICT, lifesciences, nanotechnology.

But their is an realistic view about how good the companies that have exited will be doing:

“Two out of ten fail while two or three will be really, really good. The others will be companies with 5-10 employees and 15-20 million in sales. Good companies, but not with that all important exponential growth.” – says Rickard Mosell, the Incubators CEO, to Sydsvenskan.

One of the companies with alot of potential is Survey Legends, a startup that has already seen traction and is currently in developing a new product, as well as talking to new investors.

“The goal is that we are going to fly by the end of 2014. If we succeed with that I have no doubt that we will become a major player.” says CEO Jasko Mahmutovic to Sydsvenskan.