Yesterday Accel Partners announced a new €367M fund for early stage tech companies. According to Accel Partners this newly founded fund will be used for start-ups in Europe dealing with consumer internet, big data, cloud, SaaS, and mobile.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are thriving in Europe, and with technology hubs developing across the region, the next billion-dollar company could emerge from anywhere.” said Accel London partner Harry Nelis in a statement.

Besides Europe as a global entrepreneurial hub they have a special focus on the Nordics with previous successes like QlikTech, based in Lund, whose listing on NASDAQ resulted in one of the largest venture returns in Europe (a return of €308M). They are listed on our site as one of the success stories.

“The Nordics has and continues to be a very important investment area for Accel. It has a vibrant start-up ecosystem that has produced a number of world-beating companies, including QlikTech. This legacy continues with companies like ForgeRock, Rovio, Spotify and Supercell, and this new fund allows us to continue to partner with the most innovative, ambitious companies in the region.” says Sonali De Rycker, Partner at Accel London.

Accel has not only been behind important start-ups in the Nordics, they also managed to invest in other global digital properties like Facebook, Atlassian, Cloudera, Comscore, Dropbox and Groupon amongst others. A huge venture fund which announces to have a focus on the Nordics, which is great news for the region!