Big news for Danish startup Linkfire, whose mobile app deep linking came of to a great start last week when football star Cristiano Ronaldo (indirectly) used their services in a tweet linking his Sportlobster profile.

This followed a strategic alliance with the sports-oriented social network site. Sportlobster has benefited from this transaction by ensuring, via the use of a mobile app deep link, that all new users clicking Cristiano’s link from a mobile source were redirected to the app store to download the Sportlobster app, while all current users landed on Ronaldo’s profile page. In this way, Linkfire helped them convert as many of Ronaldo’s Twitter followers to Sportlobster followers and users as possible.

Meanwhile, the celebrity tweet has granted Linkfire themselves a lot of beneficial exposure. The link received an astounding 20,000 links in just 30 minutes, at peak time receiving 400-500 links per second: impressive stats.

Director of Link Fire, Jeppe Faurfelt welcomes this attention:

“This tweet is the first result of the strategic partnerships we have made with various key players.. . Through these partnerships, we can achieve goals that would otherwise be beyond our reach. “

Intelligent Links

Linkfire’s (free) services guide users to the best experience of content and campaigns, while it allows those sending out a link to adjust it; directing users to different locations as needed.

Exciting times are ahead for the company, with more strategic partnerships to be seen beyond the horizon. Their advice for fellow startups: think bigger and think globally.

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