Solid soaps, shampoos & conditioners as well as toothpaste tabs: As the demand for plastic-free & sustainable solutions in almost all areas of life is increasing, the industry of household cleaning liquids is staying behind. The Lund-based startup Skosh has now launched their sustainable alternative: eco-friendly cleaning tabs in the size of effervescent vitamin tablets that dissolve to surface cleaning liquid for multi-purpose, bathroom and glass-cleaning. Skosh’s self-proclaimed goal is to remove plastic waste and toxic-ingredients without compromising quality or effectiveness.

The tabs come in recyclable paper bags and could be purchased together with reusable bottles made of recycled plastic. With € 2.5 (25 SEK) per tab, Skosh tabs are not a more expensive option than conventional cleaning agents.

The founding-team behind Skosh are three graduates from Lund University who aim to make a dusty industry attractive again, as Co-Founder and CEO Simon Ziokowski says: 

“The operating logic in the cleaning industry does not reflect trends in society and our environmental standards since the big brand’s business models are based on consuming and throwing away. We see potential in innovating this industry by introducing a circular business approach – getting rid of one time-use-plastic, unnecessary co-emissions and toxic ingredients.”

Different to existing brands and products in this industry, Skosh focuses on a new business model offering its cleaning tabs primarily on their own webshop with the option of subscribing to receiving its products on a regular basis. 

“We are aware that it will take time and effort in order to change consumers’ behavior towards using our environmentally-friendly solution over buying what they’ve always bought at the grocery store. However, we think that with a strong focus on selling online and a convenient and fast delivery process, we can change the buying habit” 

Skosh’s focus on online distribution provides the opportunity of fast expansion and it’s products are now available for purchasers outside in Sweden. 

“We have received a lot of inquiries from resellers and customers outside of Sweden which led us to the decision to open up to buyers from other places in Europe.”