As the demand for locally produced food is growing, Lund-based Locals launch their shopping platform for locally produced foods in Malmo. Now Malmo residents will be able to buy their favorite local food online and have it delivered directly to their homes. The launch starts with seven premium delis in Malmo, mostly based in saluhallen (local indoor farmers’ market) but the hope is to quickly grow the number of boutiques connected to the platform all over the city, writes 8till5.

The customer places his order via the phone or computer, from one or more of the stores. Home delivery by bike usually takes place the day after and costs additional fee. Alternatively customers can pick up their packed groceries directly at the store to avoid any queues.

According to product manager John Elf, Locals had a positive experience in Lund. And then there’s general growing trend towards cooking interest and digitalization of food services.

“Mass production is our biggest competitor, both large grocery stores like Ica and companies and Linas Matkasse do home deliveries now. What we focus on, however, is the local, small-scale and specialized stores, so nothing you can find online.”

Locals business model is built around commission from store sales and fixed charges paid by boutiques. However, the customer pays the same price for the goods as visitors in the store does.

Previously Locals aimed at Helsingborg, but there are currently no concrete plans to open in northern Skåne. All the effort is put into Malmö and Lund and eventually it will also be spread to other cities – perhaps in Skåne, perhaps major cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg.

When Locals opened in Lund in August, the service aimed to become the world’s first city-e-commerce and offered products from over 50 stores that included fashion, interior design and other goods. This service can now be found at The e-commerce solution is still implemented by Locals, but the management hopes that local actor, perhaps municipality or trade association, would like to take it over in the future. Locals is set to put all their effort into food and delicacies.