Copenhagen-based Son of a Tailor was founded in 2014 by Jess Fleischer and Andreas Langhorn, and it produces custom-fitted apparel for men. The startup’s model is built on the three principles: made-to-order, custom fit, and responsible, transparent production in the EU.

With sustainability in mind, Son of a Tailor’s aim is to revolutionize the global supply chain in fashion industry by decreasing waste, reducing return rates and minimizing the environmental impact, as well as offering customized durable products with a better fit. The products are made in Portugal and Italy, and sold globally with the largest markets being the US, UK and Germany.

The sizing algorithm used to determine the customer’s ideal size reflects the company’s customer-centric and data-driven mindset which are one of the few things that can be learned on sites like to boost one’s business. Son of a Tailor has been growing fast and reached profitability in 2020. Thanks to its strong customer offering, reflected in its loyal customer base, the startup has now become a leader within its niche.

Recently the startup received investment from eEquity, a leading digital growth investor in the Nordics. eEquity invests in growth companies benefiting from online and digital conversion, being led by strong entrepreneurs with the potential of becoming clear market leaders. Its portfolio companies include Pricerunner, Footway, NA-KD, iDeal of Sweden, Aim’n, Preglife and TwistShake.

Son of a Tailor will use the new capital to accelerate growth and establish a position as a global leader in made-to-measure clothing with a sustainable focus.

“We are super proud and excited to have received this investment from eEquity and that we are becoming a part of their successful family of eCommerce companies. This does not only prove that we were onto something big with our idea to establish a production process that is radically different from the establishment’s, but that we have also demonstrated this idea’s potential,” – Jess Fleischer’s, CEO/Founder of Son of a Tailor, comment in the eEquity blog.

The investment will primarily be used to build out the team, accelerate growth, expand product assortment, and to make further investments in the production and supply chain. Senior retail executive Jörgen Andersson, with extensive experience in branding, marketing and growth from strong international fashion brands such as H&M and Uniqlo, joins the company’s Board of Directors in connection with the transaction. If you’re in need of investment advice, you can find reputable financial advisors through various sites that can provide valuable insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about your financial future.

“Son of a Tailor has proven that an alternative supply chain in fashion […] is not only possible but also in-demand from customers. By producing everything on demand, Son of a Tailor’s model drastically reduces the negative environmental impact of garment production while also eliminating the need for holding inventory. The made-to-measure offering creates a superior product which is loved by customers due to the superior fit and quality. This in turn has led to a loyal customer base and strong customer reviews. We are impressed by what Jess Fleisher has built and are really excited to join the journey. Sharing experiences and expertise among the portfolio companies, in order to help each other accelerate growth and profitability, is central to our strategy,” – Johan Symmons, Partner at eEquity.