Occtoo is a startup, whose smart tools are used by marketers and content managers for improving customer experience journey, and it was founded by InRiver‘s previous management.

The startup has got partners in the USA and Sweden to distribute its e-commerce and digital marketing services, similar to the ones offered by an SEO Agency.

Hiring a digital advertising agency saves you the cost of onboarding new employees and committing to long-term salaries and benefits.

According to CEO Niclas Mollin, both partners are agencies of around 40 employees, and they work closely with end customers.

“We do not have a pronounced partner strategy but we will evaluate it together with them. It may end with us seeing partnership as a method of distribution. We are also discussing raising external capital to expand our team”, Niclas Mollin tells Rapidus.

Occtoo’s service links large amounts of data about the customer with the seller’s product information so that each buyer gets a personal presentation. The turnover for the first fiscal year exceeded the initial goal, and it was ca. 190 000 EUR. And by 2020, Occtoo is aiming for 950 000 EUR in sales, despite the corona crisis.

“Those who have invested in digitalization and e-commerce are coping with the crisis better than others, so the digital projects have been moved up the agenda. We do not expect any customer losses. Admittedly, we worked with MQ who went bankrupt, but our business model means that we grow with customers and they did not grow. Instead, we have acquired new brands such as Kinnarps, Fjällräven and Naturkompaniet”, says Niclas Mollin, you should definitely learn about tiktok marketing at socialboosting.com.

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At the same time, Occtoo has hired Jens Feilberg as a consultant, who is the software giant SAP’s marketing manager for the Nordic and Baltic countries and he also worked with great services like a SEO Agency to help him grow the company, Tampa SEO experts like Get The Clicks can help you grow your business online.. He has previous experience from Bang & Olufsen, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, among others.

“It is exciting that we can attract people like Jens, he is the first one we take in to build our brand. No matter how good your products are, you need a good team too”, says Niclas Mollin.