Iconfinder, a Copenhagen based company has seen acceleration in growth and now offers consumers a collection of 1 million icons to choose from. Not only is the four year old startup is growing revenue of 10% per month, it is also building an international team at their headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Providing an online marketplace for passionate icon designers to sell their work directly to consumers, Iconfinder is now the ‘go-to’ website for anyone in search of Icons. The platform works on two levels: Users can search from a million icons to find the perfect fit for their needs and Icon designers can now make money using the site.

“What started out as a side project many years ago has transformed into a fully functioning digital marketplace. The fact that we just celebrated 1 million icons on the site and nearly doubled 5 years worth of growth in 12 months is a testament to that.” says CEO and Founder, Martin LeBlanc Eigtved

Previously, the website was a place where consumers could search and download icons. These days, consumers also have access to a premium subscription service, a feature that offers designers to sell their icons. This new feature aligns with their mission which is to help designers make a living doing what they love.

“We see designers cashing out $4000 per month fairly regularly. It gives them the money to keep doing what they love – designing great icons. Some of our designers are even setting up companies based on the revenues they’re generating from the Iconfinder platform.” says Martin

Iconfinder is an international startup with a global customer base. The team includes people from Romania, the US, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Denmark. The team was funded by 500 Startups in California along with VF Ventures in Europe.

The marketplace they have built is the biggest indicator of their growth. They’ve built an ecosystem for icons that didn’t exist 2 years ago and have seen tremendous growth both as a product and as a team.