Fact: there are fewer women employed in tech than men. Largely held opinion: this lack of women in the tech industry is a problem. A big problem, for two primary reasons:

  1. The lack of women entrepreneurs is not just a women’s issue — it’s everyone’s issue: With more female founders, the entire tech community will benefit from increased diversity, a larger pool of ideas and the ability to meet different needs and accomodate to different niches.
  2. We want and need to create more role models: A role model is someone who inspires you, not only through their acheivements, but through the fact that they are not all too different from you. By limiting the amount of female speakers in media, the tech-startup community alienates women further and discourages them from becoming inspired. With more female founders to lead the way, more women will recognize their own potential.

Clearly, there are large benefits to boosting the number of female founders in the tech community. But how do we solve the female shortage and reap these benefits without discriminating, or being dictated by age-old stereotypes and illogical sexism? A group of innovative ladies have found the perfect solution: a meet-up dedicated to female entrepreneurs (the first of its kind), hosted in collaboration with #CPHFTW. The event takes place on the 29th of June from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm at Rainmaking Loft in Copenhagen, and will gather all those passionate about this topic.

Note that this meet-up is not just girls-only (this would defy the first point made above), in fact EVERYONE concerned for the success and evolution of the tech industry is welcome and encouraged to come along. Together, we can make a difference.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a read of how the hosts approach this topic, and why they think a get together like this is the start to a great solution:

“Having co-founded Queue-it at a relatively late stage in my career, I have come to realize the importance of role model visibility to encourage more female tech entrepreneurship. Before founding our company, I honestly never came across a single female founder, which probably delayed my decision. By bringing the female side of the awesome Copenhagen startup community together, I strongly believe that we will empower more women to grow their startups or become founders for those who are currently in a stage of consideration (we know you are out there!)” says Camilla Ley Valentin, Co-founder and CCO.

Gulnaz Khusainova from EasySize adds:

“I want to help make Copenhagen the best community for anyone to start a company in. The first step is to encourage more women to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. This will not only help the community itself, but also make these companies stronger and more competitive internationally.”

Finally, allow Louise Ferslev of MyMonii to outline why she is involved in this project:

“To inspire even more potential female entrepreneurs and also be inspired myself. I really want more women to discover that you don’t need supernatural power to create a startup — just a bunch of discipline, patience and courage to reach out for help.”

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the agenda and sign up for this fantastic event here.