Human Bytes and WARD 24|7, both Copenhagen based companies, have joined forces in a strategic partnership to introduce life-saving AI-based technology to the Nordic healthcare sector. The collaboration aims to implement continuous monitoring of vital signs, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), as an integral part of patient care in the region.

“We are on a mission! A mission to change the way patients in hospitals are monitored. We want to scale-up and include the entire European continent and the US – and beyond. For this to happen, we need the best strategic partners, possible. For this reason, we are extremely happy to be partnering with Human Bytes in the Nordics, so we can take our state-of-the-art, AI enabled, digital clinical support system to the world”. says Betina Langemark, CEO at Ward 24|7.

The AI solutions provided by WARD 24|7 excel in the early detection of critical complications, enabling prompt interventions and improving patient outcomes while reducing the burden on healthcare personnel.

Currently, hospitals rely on sporadic spot monitoring of vital signs, which is time-consuming and may not provide timely warnings between assessments. WARD 24|7’s AI-based solution offers continuous monitoring with meaningful and relevant alarms, revolutionizing patient care.

“Ward 24|7 is one of the most innovative and market-ready solutions coming out of the Danish MedTech community. For this reason, Ward 24|7 is a perfect addition to our portfolio of patient monitoring and AI-solutions. It tabs directly into a very urgent issue across the Nordic health care-sectors of reducing the workload for nurses and giving instant and meaningful data to the doctors to improve patient care, overall”, says Ulrik Juul Rokkedal Therkildsen, CEO at Human Bytes.

With a focus on reducing nurse workload and providing instant, valuable data to doctors, this partnership between Human Bytes and WARD 24|7 addresses the urgent need for efficient and effective healthcare solutions in the Nordic region. The goal is to optimize operations, enhance patient care, and expand the reach of AI-enabled digital clinical support systems beyond the Nordics.