C2Amps is a nanotech startup that was founded out of the Department of Nanoelectronics at LTH (Lund University). The team has been researching energy-efficient transistors for 15 years and using nanowires.

C2Amps develops new types of nanotransistors, which have great advantages in both cost and performance and meet the growing need for high performance components and circuits in communication systems and radars.

The company has recently received over € 315.000 from Almi Invest and LU Holding to further develop energy-efficient transistors. The new technology will be on the market in between two to three years.

“It basically works like a regular MOS-transistor, but the invention itself is that you set the channel in the form of a high-end nanowire. This gives you an opportunity to control the current from all directions, which means that you can gain better control over the current”, says Lars Tilly, CEO and co-founder of C2Amps, to Rapidus.

The technology should be used to make the transistor faster, something that will be very necessary with the 5G and 6G network. The new capital will go towards developing the first prototypes to show to potential customers.

“We will not produce circuits ourselves, but sell packages with the prescription, layout files and models that mathematically describe how the transistors should behave in the circuit”, says Lars Tilly.