Trendsonline reports that startup Cope it has received an investment by CAPNOVA and private investors.

Cope it is a startup that focuses on calming anxiety for patients, starting with dentist anxiety. Studies conducted estimates that approximately 40 % of the population in varying degrees, suffer from dental phobia, of which 90 % may be treated by cognitive therapy. In collaboration with psychologists, doctors and dentists, Cope it developed a mobile cognitive therapy that can alleviate anxiety.

Minimizing dentist anxiety is important, as oral health has effects on a person well-being, why not find out more about dentist anxiety from the industry experts. Studies have shown oral hygiene is related to cardiovascular diseases, affects pregnancy and even Alzheimer’s disease risks.

The size of the investment is not disclosed, but said to be in the six digits euros. The cash injection is reported to be used for scaling the international market.

The app is only available through a dental clinic and is supported by a system that integrates patient’s treatment at the clinic (go here to learn more about dental systems). Despite the fact that Cope it just has been on the market for three months, the system is already implemented in several clinics across Denmark.

“There is great potential in the idea behind Cope it, which is not only about dental phobia, but also other forms of anxiety.”

– said Otto Mountain Hausgaard, Investment Manager at CAPNOVA, to Trendsonline.

Investors see big potential for expansion

CAPNOVA is joined by two private investors with very different backgrounds: Jeppe Klausen and Charlotte Klinge. Jeppe has the last 8 years working with IT solutions for insurance and has just founded his third company after the sale of Process Factory. Charlotte has 15 years of experience in working with a particular focus on stress and well-being including from her years as a global safety manager at Novo Nordisk.

Charlotte sees a future in the app to help with a digital tool for managing performance anxiety and stress prevention for companies and health care in general, when Cope it must move on from dental anxiety and in new areas.

“I expect to be able to contribute my insights in what companies / organizations need in relation to health in general, when we have to move on from dental anxiety and in new areas, which very well could be IT tools for managing performance anxiety and stress prevention.”

– Charlotte says to Trendsonline.

Cope it focus with the investment is to scale to markets outside Denmark and to provides the ability to support their method with even more studies. Esben Toft Dahl Nielsen, CEO of Cope it, explains to Trendsonline:

“With this investment, we first of all have the opportunity to make even more studies to document Cope its effect. At the same time, we can develop the program even faster and thus scale to markets within and outside of Denmark, as well as expanding to other verticals such as stress, phobias, etc.”

You can read more over at Trendsonline.