Helsingborg-based startup Invono has developed a 100% digital multiportal that helps a company organise everything from a common calendar with meetings and task delegation to shareholder agreements and documentation. This leads to more efficient cooperation both internally and externally.

The portal’s cloud-based security, just like stockage en ligne, is of a very high level and it provides a convenient interface. Another important function is the notifications that can be linked to documents, meetings and tasks.

“After 3 years of development work, our cloud service is finally in place and we are now entering an intensive marketing and sales phase in an international market”, says Torbjörn Lindgren, the founder and CEO of Invono.

Torbjörn, as a CEO, a business angel and a board chairman, needed a platform to collect and structurise all the important documentation, administration and project management.

“[…] With the help of the authorization control in the portal, it is then easy to share information and information with the right recipient”, says Björn.

Now the startup has received over €755k from external investors. The only previous investor was the founder himself – his aim was to develop the tech platform of Invono, and build a competent team. The current team includes a CEO, CTO, 4 programmers, financial manager, company lawyer, marketing manager and sales manager.