Breakit break the news who will be the new CEO of the startup house Minc in Malmö. It is Charlotta Alegria Ursing who will take over the CEO chair. 

Charlotta Alegria Ursing is currently responsible for Innovation Skåne’s business consultancy and has in recent years been working to create new startups after Sony Mobiles cuts in the region. For the past 20 years, Charlotta worked with building and helping companies grow at both a national and international level. In 2015, she returned from Stockholm to Malmö to lead Next Step Startup, a project under the leadership of Innovation Skåne, which led to the creation of about 40 new startups after Sony Mobile’s downturns in Lund.

Minc was founded in 2002 and since then, companies such as Polar Rose and AlgoTrim (both purchased by Apple), Hövding and Orbital Systems have left the incubator.

“Minc is not only important in Malmö, but very important for the whole of southern Sweden and the Øresund region”, Charlotta Alegria Ursing says to Breakit.

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