Conferize, the conference community startup that has been in the news lately for trying to invigorate the Danish small cap stock market, made their own IPO yesterday. The stock had a great first day – rising over 40% percent. Opening at 8 and closing at 11.3.

Raising money on the public market instead of further Venture Capital is a break from the trend in the region, where a lot of the big startups still are privatly held.

But listing their own firm on the stock market does not seem to have brought a lot of sweat to the founder – as they were seen happily helping out at the big #cphftw Town Hall conference, pro-bono and even sponsoring the beer, for the good of the community, just the evening before. Kudos for such a strong commitment to improving how business grow in the region!

You can read more about co-founder Martin Ferro-Thomsens talks with Danish politicians here, and a piece on TechSavvy about their aim to kick-start the Danish stock listings (in Danish).