The team behind Founders House and Startup Village has announced that they will open Matrikel1, a coworking space right next to the royal castle in Copenhagen. Not just that, but they also announced The Creators Community, as an overall umbrella for their multiple coworking sites in both Copenhagen and Oslo.

“We’re opening the the largest innovation house in Denmark in the innermost part of Copenhagen: Matrikel1 at Højbro Plads.” says Tine Thygesen, CEO of The Creators Community.

The space is a total of 3600 m2, and will be open in May 2018. The intention behind the house is to gather individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset from across industries.

“We invite people who have gained practical experience through building own projects, regardless of whether they are growth entrepreneurs, artists, creators or investors.” says Tine.

You can read more at TechSavvy (in danish)