Coworking space Mindpark was been listed as one of the 11 most exotic coworking spaces in the world by ITworld. It was the only place in Europe to make the list.

“It feels really great to be highlighted by ITworld, being compared to cool places from all over the world.” says CEO Sanna Kahlström.

Mindpark, which started out under the name SHIP, has been around since 2007, already back then being a place that was unlike any other. In 2011 entrepreneur Karsten Deppert acquired the space, and it has since expanded to over 2500 sqm as well as been re-named to Mindpark. Since 2013 the makerspace CreativeLab is located here as well.

“Mindpark is an extraordinary coworking space, and it is great to get recognition like this.” says a proud Karsten.

Mindpark is a place of constant change, and just as it has evolved over the last 7 years, it will be interesting to see how it will evolve in the future, both as a coworking– as well as an eventspace.

Apart from Mindpark coworking spaces in Thailand, New Zeeland and Argentina made the list. You can see an overview of them all here.

Transperancy: Karsten Deppert is also the initiator of oresundstartups.