In a significant boost to the fintech sector in the Nordic and Baltic regions, Tenity, a leading global innovation ecosystem and early-stage investor, in partnership with Copenhagen Fintech, has launched the “New Nordic Challengers” program. This initiative is aimed to help early-stage fintech companies into the global marketplace, offering them growth and innovation opportunities within the financial services sector.

Empowering the Next Wave of Fintech Innovation

By providing startups with pre-seed capital, access to a scalable platform, and a network of financial and technological resources the pre-seed program aims to accelerate the development of fintech startups from the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Leveraging Tenity’s experience in managing over 20 early-stage incubators across Europe and Asia, along with Copenhagen Fintech’s ecosystem, the program offers startups a comprehensive support system. This includes access to a network of industry professionals, financial services partners, tech companies, and seasoned fintech founders, all aimed at equipping emerging innovators with the necessary tools to thrive in a competitive market.

“Our goal has always been to position the Nordic region as a beacon of fintech innovation. This collaboration with Tenity allows us to provide startups not only with capital but also a holistic support system that is primed to launch them onto the global stage.”

says Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO of Copenhagen Fintech

A Foundation of Fintech Excellence

The Nordic and Baltic regions have long been recognized as hotbeds for fintech innovation, with countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Estonia consistently ranking among Europe’s top fintech nations. The “New Nordic Challengers” program seeks to build on this foundation, fostering the next generation of leaders in the financial services industry.

“By combining Tenity’s global reach and expertise with Copenhagen Fintech’s dedication to regional excellence, we are crafting a new chapter in financial innovation. This program isn’t just an accelerator; it’s a springboard for the fintech pioneers of tomorrow.”

says Andreas Iten, CEO & Managing Partner of Tenity

The program is currently open for applications and invites fintech startups that are ready to take their innovations to the next level: Application Link.