Pinstriped is your own customized computer interface that goes on top of Mac or Windows interface. Put simply, Pinstriped is equivalent to tiding up and organizing your office before meeting clients. Company’s co-founders are Thomas Sugar and Martin Høft Andersen. Both of them are partners in the digital agency that is behind Pinstriped. The idea to develop Pinstriped has evolved in the course of Thomas and Martin’s professional experience with the clients.

“When we use laptops in the work context for meetings and presentations, they are generally just not very professional looking, and do not support all the efforts that specific companies do to brand themselves and to streamline a consistent look across all platforms,” explains Thomas

The program comes in handy for those who use their laptops both personally and professionally. It makes it easier to provide a professional and branded experience for meetings and presentations in the context of employment, and to avoid awkward situations during the meetings. Learn which best laptop for adobe creative suite you can upgrade to next. Just with one click Pinstriped covers all the personal stuff that one has on his computer screen, all the open files, pop-up bars, notifications etc. What you get is shortcuts to folders related to the clients’ meetings that can be arranged in the most convenient way. It is also possible to choose interesting backgrounds and customize the screen so that it would match your company’s identity. Moreover, Pinstriped offers some features for logging and reporting meetings as well as follow ups after them. It also keeps useful statistics about used files.

Pinstriped has a potential of viral growth. The concept of the service can be shared and employees from such major companies like, Zynga, Viacom, Google, Wildfire, Soundcloud, EA and Crowd Flower, have already shown their interest. The hope is to finalize and deliver the beta-version for early subscribers, who will contribute to building integrated web-platform. Additionally, the company is looking for a person who will be responsible for the development as well as technical part of the business.

What a handy way to always be prepared and look professional!