Saveggy, a Sweden-based startup, has developed a groundbreaking technology that can extend the shelf life of fresh cucumbers by protecting them from dehydration, oxidation, and microorganisms. The technology involves spraying an edible and fossil-free material onto the cucumbers made from natural and food-grade ingredients.

Recently Saveggy has received a 5 million SEK grant from the EU organization Eureka to expand the concept to other fruits and vegetables. The grant will allow the company to collaborate with Portugal’s Arborea Bio Foods and Iceland’s Thorverk to develop its third-generation coating for the protection of other fresh foods.

“I’m thrilled that we will now have the chance to develop the third generation of our coating. Our technology has the potential to revolutionize logistics chains and handling of fruit and vegetables in Europe. Our aim is to protect fresh foods that currently have no protection, thereby significantly extending their shelf life,” says Vahid Sohrabpour, CEO of Saveggy and one of the founders.

The treated cucumbers will be available next year through collaborations with the ICA supermarket chain and Odlarlaget producer group.