A group of prominent entrepreneurs from the region come together in a new initiative – Nordic Makers. Together they will offer expertise and funding for early stage tech startups. However, Nordic Makers is not simply a fund. The founders, who themselves went through turbulent startup experiences in their own time, want Nordic Makers to be a space where entrepreneurs can also get advice and help apart from financing.

“As Nordic Makers we are not focusing on getting a certain chunk of your company — or even worse, thinking of how to push you out. We are thinking of how to make the business fly, and how to make the next round. We want founder-friendly, and future-round-friendly, terms. We like to be honest and direct in all communication, legalese and real life. And yes, we want to be treated nicely too,” – stated in their raison dêtre.

Among the Nordic Makers are: Alexander Aghassipour, David Helgason, Erik Byrenius, Hampus Jakobsson, Klaus Nyengaard, Lars Fløe Nielsen, Martin von Haller Groenbaek, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Thorvald Stigsen, Tommy Andersen. All of the Nordic Makers are either based in the region or have a connection to it.

Nordic values are at the core of Nordic Make’s philosophy. It is about sustainability and building a learning organization when one can thrive and be happy. Early-stage tech companies who care about these things and want fair terms as well as helpful angels can send their pitches to Nordic Makers via their website.