Daniel la Fleur from Stockholm’s Swedish Startup Space caught up with Ola Persson to find out more about STPLN, HUB:n and the startup scene in Skåne. In this article, Persson described the facilities available at STPLN, the drop-in space at Hub:n and what happens at the culture and innovation house at Stapelbäddsgatan 3 Malmö.

“STPLN believes that creativity is the engine of Malmö’s economic, social and cultural wellbeing. Malmö has innovative soul and by building platforms to enhance the possibilities for startups to succeed I think it will be a very exciting future.” – Ola Persson – STPLN Project Manager

Companies to look out for at Hub:n include Arduino with their hardware and robots. CityAPI, helping the public to be more involved in the development of public spaces and Kvittar leading the way in digital receipts. Check out the full interview here.