Hackernytt TV, a videopodcast with a focus on tech startups done by Erik Starck, Jimmy Wilhelmsson and Niklas Lagström, recently aired episode #4. In this Ola Andersson, from the startup On The Flea talks about their equity crowd-funding start and their “megaloppis“, 9000 people indoor flea market, that was held in Malmö recently.

Ola tells amongst other about they started On The Flea, how they view their shareholders after the equity crowdfunding, and plans for the startup app in the future. Amongst other to go abroad, and finding good media partners in the UK and Spain.

But Hackernytt TV is not just about one Startup at a time, so there is interesting other talks as well. Noteworthy for us is that Ola, who is also active at Ideon Innovation, also reveals that Addimotion is looking to raise 15M SEK in further funding. Addimotion is a startup that helps e-commerce costumer with logistic challenges.

“Addimotion sets itself apart from others. They have build a smart system for e-commerce and package deliveries. They have big costumers such as Ellos and Inkclub, that send a lot of packages daily. A great potential, and a great entrepreneur Robert.” Ola says in the show.

He also draws parallels between Addimotion and the hugely successful Qliktech, which bodes well for the startup!

Unfortunately Hackernytt TV has so far only been in Swedish, but it is worthwhile to keep an eye on them. They manage to talk with interesting entrepreneurs each time, and it has become on of the influential video / podcasts in the Swedish entrepreneurial scene.

With this we also have launched Øresund Startups TV channel, where we gather video resources from or about the region, such as Hackernytt TV.