Founder’s House and Startup Village will allow a unique behind-the-scenes look at Copenhagen’s first and largest tech startup hub. Normally accessible only to resident startups and investors, on September 1st the area will open its doors to anyone interested while hosting 25+ talks, demos and tours around some fast-growing Danish startups.

Since its creation 5 years ago, Founder’s House has been Copenhagen’s central point for entrepreneurship and innovation. Startup Village was founded in 2014 by Founder’s House in collaboration with growth startups such as Vivino, Autobutler and VCs such as Creandum and Northzone. Over the past couple of year the area has grown into the largest tech hub in the Nordics, spreading over 14,000m2, and housing more than 40 tech startups and 500 employees.

Needless to say, but the event will be a gathering of some of the most interesting individuals and startups in the region. Which means this is a unique chance to meet the entrepreneurs face-to-face, ask employees questions, and experience how much proximity matters when growing your startup.

Some of the examples of happenings during the day include behind the scenes tour of Planday, Churchdesk and SHAPE, tutorial on how to build an Instagram following of 35,000 and how to use #CPHFTW as a gateway to startup ecosystem in Copenhagen, and talks such as by growing startups like Conferize on how to Kickstart IPOs. All the activities are free of charge.

More information and detailed schedule for the day is available here.

When: Thursday 9.00-19.00, September 1st.
Where: Startup Village, Njalsgade 17 – 23, 2300 Copenhagen S