Parlametric has carved out a prominent position for itself within the tech industry, thanks to its advanced services in language analysis. Founded in 2017 in Lund, Parlametric stands out as an Analysis-as-a-Service company leveraging AI technology and proprietary software to transform qualitative data sources into understandable statistics.

The company has developed specialized products for customer interaction analyses and market research, aimed at optimizing businesses’ case management through comprehensive data analysis across various channels, including customer service, sales departments, and emails.

In a move that further solidifies its support for burgeoning tech enterprises, I Love Lund AB is amongst the investors, with half a million SEK. This investment marks the fifth infusion of funds from I Love Lund into the language analysis service provider, underscoring a robust vote of confidence in Parlametric’s innovative solutions and future prospects.

“We have consistently supported the company’s development. With the capital injection and a strengthened management team and board, profitability is expected as early as 2024, combined with sustained growth. For the capital, network, and expertise that I Love Lund provides, Parlametric is expected to deliver both good value development and benefits for Lund,”

says Björn Englund, CEO of I Love Lund

The latest investment comes on the heels of Parlametric’s recent successful funding round, which saw the company raise € 350.000 (SEK 4 million) in an oversubscribed issue. The fresh capital is earmarked for several strategic initiatives, including scaling the company to engage with top-tier potential clients, expanding the development team in line with its internationalization efforts, and accelerating service development to meet the demands of new customer segments.

“We are both pleased and proud that I Love Lund, with its strong local roots, continues to invest in Parlametric. ILL has been with us since our commercialization phase began and has contributed in many ways to our progress. We have also managed to bring Anders Dahlin on board as a new board member. His expertise will be a valuable asset in our strategic work moving forward. We are now looking forward to our upcoming growth journey with anticipation.”

says Parlametric’s CEO, Ossian Loive