As part of a broader investment strategy, the Danish Pension fund Danica has just bought 150 million DKK ($21.5 million) worth of company bonds in the ad tech company Adform. The investment will enable Adform to continue their global expansion and focus on further development of their digital advertisement platform.

Founded in Denmark in 2002, Adform is well established in the field of digital advertisement. The company currently has offices in 16 countries worldwide and more than 600 employees. By offering a collected interface for all online advertisement, Adform aims to get rid of the ad tech industry’s walled garden characteristics.

Adform’s main source of growth comes from geographical expansion and the company recently introduced its services to the North American marked.

“The investment is an important element in our ambition to compete with big global players such as Google, Facebook and Appnexus. The investment shall give us a push in regards to innovation, product development and growth for example in the USA where we are already off to a good start,” Says Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer of Adform.


Doing the latest years the industry of advertisement technology has seen rapid growth. The industry is expected to continue with a yearly growth of 20 percent the following 2-3 years. This is one of the characteristics that make Adform an attractive addition to Danica’s portfolio.

“The company’s success is built on a strong service setup, market leading products, good customer relations and a scalable business model. All this makes it very enticing for us to be part of Adform’s future,” Says Thomas Otto Rohold, head of alternative investment at Danica Pension.

Danica’s strategy aims to make direct investments in well-managed Danish and Nordic companies for an amount of 15 billion DKK ($2.2 billion). They have currently invested 4 billion DKK ($590 million) and the rest will follow in the coming years.