Addressing the challenge of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, startup Pinteg has successfully raised € 600.000 (SEK 7 million) in funding to support its data privacy platform, Fairity.

“A striking 86% of business leaders currently lack a satisfactory solution to meet GDPR requirements, making Pinteg’s innovative data protection offerings highly relevant.”

Pinteg is providing a comprehensive framework for practical data protection solutions that bridge the gap between businesses, organizations, and individuals. Through its SaaS platform, Fairity, Pinteg aims to help companies and organizations handle personal data in a straightforward, automated, and trustworthy manner.

Patrik Persson, co-founder and CEO of Pinteg, highlighted their collaboration with leading Swedish authorities and researchers in the development of a data certification set to be completed in 2023. Fairity will become the first product to be certified against these new standards, promising improved control over the collection and management of personal data in Sweden.

Investors are amongst others Per Henriksson from Espinagar and Martin Andersson and Peter Andersson from Eqventus.