The main objective of every business is to create and retain consumers. The survival of a company depends on it, which is why Copenhagen-based Bellmetric has created a unique product: a new data-based take on customer engagement.

This platform is a system built to increase conversions on any website with a product or service to sell. The product was created after realizing that companies need to interact more with their customers for a better customer experience and conversion.

The new platform went live on the 3rd November, 2015 with a redesigned website that shows a better and easier overview of Bellmetric’s platform features and benefits. Bellmetric intends to be recognized more than a call tracking company.

“We want people to see that we are more then a call-tracker company now. Our close customer dialogue empowered us to discover how we could create even more value for each company. There is a need for analytics and an intelligent customer engagement in the market. So that is exactly what we are doing and offering,” says Janus Lindau, CEO of Bellmetric.

The initial idea for building this kind of a platform started in 2014. From all the data gathered, only 3-4% of a company’s website visitors convert to customers. Bellmetric just simply took on the challenge to try and convert the other 96-97%.

Bellmetric has more than 100 customers and is mainly based in Scandinavia but the intention is to introduce the new platform to European markets as well. The main message of Bellmetric in this launch is,

“We have the right tools to engage your customers when they visit. Instead of gut-feelings, give your customer an excellent personal experience. This way your visitors become your customers – again and again.”