Sensative AB, an IoT company that develops sensors for smart homes, buildings, and cities, as well as a variety of battery-powered sensor strips, recently secured a € 2.8 million investment. The investment was led by Belgian venture capital firm Aconterra Fund. 

The new funding will be used in the expansion of its flagship Yggio 3 platform sales across Europe and increasing production of the new sensors. With Yggio 3, Sensative leads the development of a new generation of IoT platforms called DiMS (Digitalization infrastructure Management System) 

“Sensative has a strong position in the Swedish market with Yggio, while our Strips sensors are well established in a global market. With the support of Aconterra, we will now be able to take advantage of the powerful global wave of digitization that is coming in the wake of the pandemic. Our markets have now realized the need for remote control, but also to reduce human climate impact through increased automation.” says Mats Pettersson, CEO of Sensative.

The Yggio platform offers real-time integration, data and connects sensors and connected gadgets from different manufacturers with applications and services from other companies. A large number of Swedish cities, city networks, energy, water & sewerage, and real estate companies have chosen Yggio as DiMS platform for connecting and digitizing their networks and properties.