Kiilto Ventures has invested in RECOMA, a Swedish startup that specializes in eco-friendly construction boards made entirely from recycled packaging waste. This innovation offers a sustainable alternative to conventional building materials and significantly reduces carbon emissions. RECOMA’s patented process involves sterilizing and shredding waste, then pressing it into durable boards. The investment by Kiilto Ventures aims to expand RECOMA’s recycling capacity, supporting the construction industry’s transition to zero waste and emission materials. This initiative aligns with Kiilto’s commitment to environmental leadership and sustainability.

RECOMA’s process of turning packaging waste into low-carbon, fully circular construction boards is a pioneering solution in an industry heavily contributing to carbon emissions and waste. This move is particularly vital considering the construction sector’s significant environmental impact, especially in countries like Sweden. Kiilto’s backing will enable RECOMA to amplify its waste recycling capabilities, marking a substantial stride in the industry’s move towards more eco-friendly practices.

“We are proud to contribute to construction’s sustainability revolution and the transition towards zero waste and zero emission building materials, helping companies and contractors make needed changes today without new tools, extra knowledge or premium prices,”

says RECOMA CEO Max Rosenberg

RECOMA makes sustainability simple for construction

Notable early adopters, including Skanska and Tetra Pak, are leveraging RECOMA to meet corporate and customer environmental targets.

“We see a gap in construction technology and traditional materials, and with new embodied carbon targets that are proliferating around the Nordics, we believe RECOMA is in a great position to decarbonize our building stock,”

says Head of Kiilto Ventures Matti Rönkkö.

For more details, please refer to the full article on Kiilto’s website: Kiilto Ventures invests in RECOMA.