Kost Capital, a Copenhagen-based food tech venture capital firm, has announced the first close of its €25 million Kost Capital Fund I, backed by the Danish Sovereign fund EIFO, which previously supported companies like Performativ and Podimo. This new fund is dedicated to investing in early-stage, pre-seed, and seed startups across Europe, focusing on B2B inputs in the evolving food sector. Kost Capital has already initiated investments in several innovative companies, including Äio from Estonia, Numi in France, and Nutrumami in Denmark.

The fund is driven by the urgent need to address challenges such as a growing population, climate change, food waste, health issues, and policy shifts. These challenges necessitate immediate and substantial investment to ensure a sustainable, efficient, and resilient future for the food industry. Kost Capital, led by seriel entrepreneur Kasper Hulthin, Christian Tang-Jespersen, Mark Emil Hermansen, Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, and General Partner Bodil Sidén, aims to contribute to this transformation. The team’s background, including experience in Swedish VC fund blq, Uber, and Swedish politics, positions them well to make impactful investments.

The investment strategy of Kost Capital is deeply rooted in the concept of a bioeconomy-powered food system. Recognizing the enduring significance of the bioeconomy, the fund is focused on reimagining the food system to deliver healthier, more sustainable food without compromising taste or texture. This approach aligns with growing global awareness and demand for food that is beneficial for health, society, and the planet.

Kost Capital has recently established a hub in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, featuring a test kitchen and a close collaboration with the food development studio, Kost Studio. This hub aims to bridge the gap between academic research and market applications, ensuring that the most innovative ideas receive the necessary support.

“We are what we eat, yet the food system is broken… We need to bring better food for more people, that’s why we started Kost Capital.”

says Bodil Sidén, General Partner at Kost Capital

Sidén also highlights Denmark’s potential to become a leading bioeconomy hub in Europe, leveraging its strong gastronomy and biotechnology sectors.