Swedish startup RemotiveLabs launches a developer-friendly vehicle virtualization and cloud collaboration extension of their platform. The launch of RemotiveCloud is the next step in the company’s aim to enable software development and testing of complete vehicles starting in the cloud.

RemotiveLabs “for developers; by developers” tooling is designed to simplify how software is prototyped, built and tested in automotive. The platform core, the RemotiveBroker, facilitates hardware abstraction and provides a flexible vehicle development environment.

“RemotiveCloud in essence is a virtualized extension of the RemotiveBroker environment. It enables teams to gain control over their development environment and work collaboratively with third parties to significantly speed up development”.

explains founder and CTO Aleksandar Filipov.

RemotiveLabs has onboarded its first couple of OEMs and have central Proof of Concepts running at additional automotive brands. Further, the company has initiated collaborations and partnerships with several international tech companies which further demonstrates traction of the growing platform.

“Teams from different backgrounds can more efficiently contribute to car development with the RemotiveLabs platform. The new abstractions it creates can lessen dependence on limited-availability vehicle hardware, and enables access to data from issue reports that can be invaluable to engineers. This simplifies both prototyping and debugging stages for modern vehicles utilizing Android Automotive Operating System.”

says Scott Goodson, Director for AAOS Platform at Google. 

The company’s long-term ambition is to provide a complete vehicle virtualization environment.

“To be able to start early with software development, without all the hardware hassles, to validate architecture and do early integration testing supports the overall software transformation in automotive. Our tooling is designed to help our customers build a larger portion of their software in the cloud, and then let them move over to hardware step by step. Basically, thinking that the car is the physical twin, and not the other way around”.

comments Per Sigurdson, co-founder and CEO.

The ability to get more development done in a virtual prototyping environment means more speed, more collaboration and faster iteration, reducing the total development effort significantly.

RemotiveLabs was founded in 2020. The platform is specialized for iterative vehicle software development. Last year the company finalised their first external investment round with Volvo Cars Tech Fund and others as investors.